Historic Costume, I think I can

Although I worked at sewing and patternmaking as a college student,  it would be a stretch to consider myself a pro just yet. The majority of my schooling was directed towards the industrial facet of fashion. Learning business and merchandising. They wanted us to get paying jobs after all. With mass produced, cheap clothing being the standard… Continue reading Historic Costume, I think I can


Living History for School

I was invited to do a spinning demonstration at a Burch Farms with my new reenactor friends for the local homeschool association . What a delightful group. I showed them samples of wool, cotton, and flax fiber as well as yarn and finished textiles. They really enjoyed my demonstration of spindle and wheel spinning. The enthusiasm… Continue reading Living History for School

Living History

Stepping Back in Time

What better way to preserve the memory of our ancestors than to bring them back to life? Living history allows us to explore the world of the past through carrying out daily activities as people did before our time. As a college student I would look through the pattern catalogs at the fabric store and marvel at… Continue reading Stepping Back in Time