It’s Pajama Time

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately. My mom has sort of caught on that if she can get me excited about the fabric she can get me to make her stuff. LOL

This time she saw some flannel fabric a friend bought and left in my sewing room. It is super cute with ice cream motifs. I’m helping her make pajama pants.

Mom insisted that I take her to the fabric store to “see what they have”. She found a nice See and Sew pattern. B5667 has pajama pants, top and a night gown. She also ended up buying fabric for 3 pairs of pj pants and a top.

My favorite is the cupcake fabric.  I like the pattern too which has ready-to-wear sizes. No alterations needed. The gathered neckline is also a nice touch for a pretty basic design.

Fabric for pajamas
Fabric for pajamas
Mmmm cupcakes!
Mmmm cupcakes!

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