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Getting My crochet On

I had an itch to get some crocheting done. It began this summer and I ended up making some hats from one of my favorite books Get Your Crochet on by Afya Ibomu. They work up really quickly and the design possibilities are endless. My hats are a variation of her pattern since I decided… Continue reading Getting My crochet On

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2014 Cotton Finale

It's been a long growing season (February to November). My 2014 northern Indiana cotton crop is finally in.  This year I tried a few different things in hopes of increasing my yield, like well, planting twice as many plants and fertilizing. It didn't work. I did not get as much as last year . This probably should… Continue reading 2014 Cotton Finale

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Update:2014 Indiana Cotton Crop

I am still obsessed with the idea of growing my own fiber for spinning and weaving. Living on a small city lot leaves me few options. Sheep  won't work  here and flax needs special tools to process. Last year I was given a single cotton boll with seeds intact. I planted them in my kitchen that February. They grew!! Read… Continue reading Update:2014 Indiana Cotton Crop

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Cotton Seeds Sown, They know what to do

Last year I planted my first cotton seeds in my kitchen one frigid February, Indiana winter day. View Post. It was a lot of fun to watch the plants mature. I learned so much and at the end of it all I had useful fiber. It took me a while to get around to spinning… Continue reading Cotton Seeds Sown, They know what to do