There Was This One Time at Vavstuga: Home Again

What an adventure!! 8-Weeks away from home, immersed in a whole new world. Yes, I had never even been to Massachusetts let alone having slept in a cabin but found myself loading up the old Prius and driving 800 miles all with the promise of leveling up on my weaving skills. I received a scholarship,… Continue reading There Was This One Time at Vavstuga: Home Again

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Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

Weavers and fabric lovers spend countless hours admiring fabrics. We have our favorites. Sometimes we can pinpoint why a certain fabric attracts us but most of the time we have no idea why. We just feel something. Our eyes, our skin, our soul gets that strange tickle and we connect. I used to think it… Continue reading Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth