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Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

Weavers and fabric lovers spend countless hours admiring fabrics. We have our favorites. Sometimes we can pinpoint why a certain fabric attracts us but most of the time we have no idea why. We just feel something. Our eyes, our skin, our soul gets that strange tickle and we connect. I used to think it… Continue reading Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

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Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do

I've been making. Yes! my crafty fire still burns as bright as ever. I feel like I am in such a whirlwind of ideas at the moment. Inspiration to create new things is flooding me from all directions. I want to do more and more. This year has been filled with unexpected changes both at… Continue reading Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do


Wardrobe Essentials: Make it Easy Simplicity 1620 and Sew Chic

Not too long ago re-making my wardrobe seemed pretty far-fetched. At my rate it would take forever. I got to thinking about what I wear on a daily basis. I¬†realized that most of the patterns in my stash were more tailored than what I would typically choose for an easy, fuss free day. Now this… Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials: Make it Easy Simplicity 1620 and Sew Chic


Post Easter Dress, Butterick 5850

Hancock Fabrics¬†has some special occasion fabrics on clearance. I found taffeta with a matching shimmery accent fabric on sale for less than $3 per yard! Now there was a catch. The fabric was a bright lime green. I figured I could get away with it for Easter. People really get dressed up at my church… Continue reading Post Easter Dress, Butterick 5850