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My Stash: Am I Busting or Building?

I have been spinning a lot of yarn lately. A lot. Now a sane crafter would be telling herself "Good job, see you may buy a lot of craft supplies  but at least you're producing", "Look at all of that yarn you've spun, one day soon your  fiber and yarn stash will be reasonable. Nope not… Continue reading My Stash: Am I Busting or Building?

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A Handspun Spring

I've been spinning a lot of mostly wool and manufactured fibers these days. Despite the season change I'm still in the mood to spin. I also made garments from the woven cotton fabrics I wove a few months ago. Finished objects include a shirt from the colored cotton fabric and a skirt from the sari silk w/ dishcloth cotton yarn.… Continue reading A Handspun Spring

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The Joy of Spinning…in Public

Although I have crafted textiles for a long time many people that know me have never seen me work. Most crafters rarely work in public. If we do, it's usually with a small knitting group. After all that fun I had at the living history event I realized how much I enjoy engaging the public about crafting.… Continue reading The Joy of Spinning…in Public