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A Happy Little Detour: From Bobbins to Yarn Balls

I was just going to try something. That's how it starts. You have an idea and decide to see if it'll work then BOOM you're on and unexpected journey. I saw someone spinning yarn with a spindle made from a spool and thought hmm, that might be a great way to spin cotton. Yes, of… Continue reading A Happy Little Detour: From Bobbins to Yarn Balls

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Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

Weavers and fabric lovers spend countless hours admiring fabrics. We have our favorites. Sometimes we can pinpoint why a certain fabric attracts us but most of the time we have no idea why. We just feel something. Our eyes, our skin, our soul gets that strange tickle and we connect. I used to think it… Continue reading Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth


As We Say: Tis’ the Season

I don't know what it is about sunshine. It seems that every time I come into this season I go into a fiber frenzy. Suddenly I have this unquenchable urge to wash skeins of handspun that I have hoarded all year, wash and spin raw fleeces, dyestuff, and spin everything in sight. I guess 'tis… Continue reading As We Say: Tis’ the Season

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God Provides: from His hands to mines

Living in an industrial age our surroundings can cause us to forget where things actually come from. Most of everything we need is purchased from a retail marketplace. Rarely do we pause to consider where it all actually comes from. Yesterday I finished spinning up my 2018 cotton crop. The entire experience of watching the… Continue reading God Provides: from His hands to mines

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Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do

I've been making. Yes! my crafty fire still burns as bright as ever. I feel like I am in such a whirlwind of ideas at the moment. Inspiration to create new things is flooding me from all directions. I want to do more and more. This year has been filled with unexpected changes both at… Continue reading Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do

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Wait but There’s More

I did get a little housekeeping done. The Tour De Fleece skeins are finally washed. There was so much to wash that I just filled up my kiddie pool, added a little Dr. Bronners Castle Soap and gave them a swirl to set the twist.   I bought some stuff. I bought a lot of… Continue reading Wait but There’s More

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Spinning Under the Influence: Artsy Yarn

Every since I joined a few Ravelry spinning groups last month I've been under a bit of a trance with my spinning. No, stranger to color it was only natural that I would see Inglenook fibers and need to spin some. They have the most imaginative colorways. I decided to follow the technique of the Ravelry… Continue reading Spinning Under the Influence: Artsy Yarn

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My Stash: Am I Busting or Building?

I have been spinning a lot of yarn lately. A lot. Now a sane crafter would be telling herself "Good job, see you may buy a lot of craft supplies  but at least you're producing", "Look at all of that yarn you've spun, one day soon your  fiber and yarn stash will be reasonable. Nope not… Continue reading My Stash: Am I Busting or Building?

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Finished Objects: Wheels spinning, Needles Clicking

I finished up spinning the 16ounces of llama fiber I began working on last month. Love It! It's a little late in the season to start a project with it so I have decided to store it for later. I really want to start working on plant fibers now for spring. We'll see. I still have about… Continue reading Finished Objects: Wheels spinning, Needles Clicking

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Spinning My Wheels

I have been in a crafty frenzy lately. Every since Winter break I have been pulling out all of my fiber stuff that had been hibernating in the basement for years. I have since put my dining table in a closet (heck, I only host people twice a year) so that I can have a workspace in my… Continue reading Spinning My Wheels