The Send-Off Sash

Earlier this month my brother-in-law was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Air Force. I decided to weave him a keepsake sash as a parting gift. The project went together nicely. The weaving technique used is called supplementary warp patterning. The woven text is DH (His Initials) 14 (deployment year) ZIJAKERY (The acronym they use for the… Continue reading The Send-Off Sash

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Just Married: Keepsake Wedding Sash

Not, me. A dear friend got married yesterday. I wanted to make a gift for the couple and thought well why not weave them a keepsake wedding sash. I have been learning about weaving Lithuanian sashes with my friend, Donna for the last few months. While I love the supplementary warp patterning technique I am still learning to merge my design… Continue reading Just Married: Keepsake Wedding Sash