Yes, I made this too: Simplicity 2444, Simplicty 3877, Lutterloh 87

Last week was our pastor's 6th anniversary and there was a week long celebration. Each day a different color was chosen for all to wear to the festivities. Ah, yes! the perfect excuse to make stuff. I didn't have a coral or a blue dress to wear so I decided to challenge myself to make them. All week… Continue reading Yes, I made this too: Simplicity 2444, Simplicty 3877, Lutterloh 87


Butterick 5030 Golden Wrap dress

I just love a wrap top. For years I've wanted a wrap dress but for some reason or another I haven't owned one until now. The pattern I used is Butterick 5030. It has lots of sleeve and collar variations. I had a golden floral challis fabric in my stash from long ago that was destined… Continue reading Butterick 5030 Golden Wrap dress


Post Easter Dress, Butterick 5850

Hancock Fabrics has some special occasion fabrics on clearance. I found taffeta with a matching shimmery accent fabric on sale for less than $3 per yard! Now there was a catch. The fabric was a bright lime green. I figured I could get away with it for Easter. People really get dressed up at my church… Continue reading Post Easter Dress, Butterick 5850

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Still Nippy, Sew Here’s a Jacket

We've had a few warm days in northern Indiana but for the most part it's still Nippy. Seizing the perfect opportunity to use up some embossed faux fur that was in the stash, I decided to make a jacket using a factory remnant of Simplicity 1758 view A.   For $.97 at Walmart you can get… Continue reading Still Nippy, Sew Here’s a Jacket


Will Spring Come if I Wear flowers?

Northern Indiana has yet to receive the Spring memo. It's cold up here. Maybe if I wear flowers, the weather will get the hint. Ah yes, an excuse to make something. A friend and me went shopping a  few weeks ago and fell in love with this cool rose printed fabric. The weird thing about it is, the… Continue reading Will Spring Come if I Wear flowers?


A Trip Back to the 50’s

What dress will I make? Was the first thing I though after finding out about an upcoming 1950's murder mystery dinner. After some searching, my dress of choice was Butterick 4790 formerly Butterick 6015, the extremely popular walk-away dress. It is totally fuss-free with the back and front all in one piece. Fast easy to sew and fit too!… Continue reading A Trip Back to the 50’s

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New Jacket, I want to wear this now

In anticipation for spring, (we've got a ways to go) I decided to work on a lighter 18th century jacket to wear at Heritage events in warmer weather. My plan is to make two cotton petticoats (skirts), a jacket, and quilted jumps (waistcoat) as a starter wardrobe to wear this year. I decided to put… Continue reading New Jacket, I want to wear this now