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A Spiritual Encounter with Old Textiles

An inconceivably long time ago, the Most Infinitely Powerful Being created the world and turned it over to us. We were charged to fill the earth and have dominion over everything in it. The fish of the sea, birds of the heavens, plants yielding their seed, trees with their fruits, and all the beasts on… Continue reading A Spiritual Encounter with Old Textiles

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Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

Weavers and fabric lovers spend countless hours admiring fabrics. We have our favorites. Sometimes we can pinpoint why a certain fabric attracts us but most of the time we have no idea why. We just feel something. Our eyes, our skin, our soul gets that strange tickle and we connect. I used to think it… Continue reading Exalting the Humble Homespun Cloth

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A Maker’s Journal: Knitting a Handspun Cotton Tee

Once I get inspired to work with a particular material or technique I have to keep going at it until something else grabs my attention. This past summer I was given the opportunity to share my point of view on spinning and knitting cotton. Oh my! In three weeks I ended up designing and knitting… Continue reading A Maker’s Journal: Knitting a Handspun Cotton Tee

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Update:2014 Indiana Cotton Crop

I am still obsessed with the idea of growing my own fiber for spinning and weaving. Living on a small city lot leaves me few options. Sheep  won't work  here and flax needs special tools to process. Last year I was given a single cotton boll with seeds intact. I planted them in my kitchen that February. They grew!! Read… Continue reading Update:2014 Indiana Cotton Crop