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Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do

I've been making. Yes! my crafty fire still burns as bright as ever. I feel like I am in such a whirlwind of ideas at the moment. Inspiration to create new things is flooding me from all directions. I want to do more and more. This year has been filled with unexpected changes both at… Continue reading Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do

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Just Married: Keepsake Wedding Sash

Not, me. A dear friend got married yesterday. I wanted to make a gift for the couple and thought well why not weave them a keepsake wedding sash. I have been learning about weaving Lithuanian sashes with my friend, Donna for the last few months. While I love the supplementary warp patterning technique I am still learning to merge my design… Continue reading Just Married: Keepsake Wedding Sash

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Cotton Seeds Sown, They know what to do

Last year I planted my first cotton seeds in my kitchen one frigid February, Indiana winter day. View Post. It was a lot of fun to watch the plants mature. I learned so much and at the end of it all I had useful fiber. It took me a while to get around to spinning… Continue reading Cotton Seeds Sown, They know what to do


Historic Costume, I think I can

Although I worked at sewing and patternmaking as a college student,  it would be a stretch to consider myself a pro just yet. The majority of my schooling was directed towards the industrial facet of fashion. Learning business and merchandising. They wanted us to get paying jobs after all. With mass produced, cheap clothing being the standard… Continue reading Historic Costume, I think I can